We are a design agency who helps startups with creating products & branding. Unlike our competitors we do it fast... without code.

Our Work.

What we do.


A company could be evolving or new to the market, we work with startups to clarify their purpose, understand their customers and create as much value as we can.

Positioning is the competitive advantages and what it means to the target market. It’s how you want your company to be perceived in their minds.

When we understand the user profiles of your brand, we plan how they will interact with you. Its important to understand the users behaviour.

Brand attributes are what allow us to identify a brand.

Our competitive audit helps us to understand your brands competitive environment. This lets us understand the target market and make intelligent decisions about how to grow your brand.


Branding is your reputation, your personality and values. Its perceived differently by everyone. We create an experience that connects all of those elements.

We spend a lot of time asking questions to understand what the problem is that our clients are trying to solve so we can create a brand that works for the customer of our client. The story you tell has to be authentic so it connects with the people who need it.

A logo is an appropriate, identifiable mark that works. You don't have to fall in love with your logo. We believe in geometric shapes and type that is timeless and works in different formats.

Product Design

We carefully craft digital experiences that function seamlessly across all browsers. From desktops to mobiles and tablets, our websites are responsive on any modern device.

We are devoted product designers and believe that a thoughtful well designed mobile or web app lays the groundwork for an effective and efficient modern business.

We work with tools that allow us to build incredible digital products faster than our competitors because nothing is custom coded. When we hand it over to you, its super easy to manage.

Strategy with Scott

Understanding the problem

LoveNoco is only available after a strategy session with Scott. You can get in touch with him on Twitter or at ScottPurdie.com.

Scott is a [Positioning Expert]. Its how you become more relevant to less people.

Lets use an example like the HEY.com email app. The guys at Basecamp decided that they would create an email app that does'nt let companies track you. They are charging $99 per year for personal accounts. They are deliberately focusing on people who care about tracking and other issues in their email.

The result, a way better experience for the user paying $99 and a cult like following.

Case Studies.

Cameo.com built in hours

Months ago, we were testing a new tool for the first time with a tutorial and made an app like Cameo.com really quickly. This case study is a great example of how we can make apps quicker than our competitors.

Upbeat automations

Upbeat run a lot of classes back to back and needed to make their admin life easier. This is how we helped.

Netflix for dance

Upbeat were moving into a new studio and wanted to create videos of their classes for their dancers to watch online. This is the strategy and implementation of our "Netflix for Dance".

The gift card system

Covid-19 forced a lot of our favourite businesses to close. We dropped some DM's and offered to create Gift Card System to help them cope. This is what we did for Connoisseurs Barber Club.



We are open, collaborative and use our experience, design and technical expertise to create secure, friendly experiences.

Just like those big gingers beauties in the photo above, when we get the space to do our thing, you'll get the best results.

We love to solve problems that create loads of value.


Feel better

We are going to be creating all sorts of video courses and cool stuff that will be great for all types of teams. Theres a chance we might design a cap and a tee, maybe a hoodie :)